Just Another Ordinary Love Story is a series of five paintings, that can be read as a whole story or it can be interpreted as independent stories. Each artwork carries different love story that is often common and ordinary, which can be anyone's experiences with relationships.

Blue Knight
For him being as cold as ice,
there is nothing he fears in this world.
He is always alone and free.
There were many women being fascinated
by his beautiful figure,
but no one could ever hold him in one place.
First Sight
He reaches out his hand to the young girl,
and the girl grasps his hand.
Lovers Before Farewell
Love is not about ownership.
It's about sharing each other unsparingly
until the end of the relationship.
All women in his past have tried to
break his wings to completely possess him.
However, the girl didn't seem to have
any desires against him.

Does she not love me truly?

He wondered.
Mirrors of Separation
Every time when he feels pain in his head
due to something like the thorn deeply rooted inside,
the face of the young girl is hunting him.